Saturday, January 7, 2017

South City, My City

“If only I had a dollar for every time I had to explain that South San Francisco is a city South of San Francisco…”
I moved to South City in 03’ because my parents wanted my sister and I to live in a big house with a nice yard where we could go out and play. The house that I live in now was once my grandparents and before that it was my tia’s. As I have mentioned in a previous post, this house was built by my mami’s tio who was a mere five feet. Thus, this house is fit just for my family, since we are all pequeños (short). This house holds countless memories, as each room has a different “purpose.” For instance, the kitchen is where my mami makes her famous food, such as her mouthwatering sopes. It is also where friends and family are welcome over to eat. The living room is where we host Christmas Eve each year, and when I was younger it was where my cousins and I would dress up and put on “shows” for our family. The dining room is where we have lit dozens of candles for birthdays and where my family and I have tried to sing Las Mananitas on key. The backyard is where my cousin and I would make mud pies for hours and where we tried to “perfect” our double dutching skills. Lastly, during the summer, the front yard is where I would play in the sprinklers and where there would always be a lemonade stand set.
As I have grown older, I have come to appreciate my home and my city more than I used to. For instance, I am lucky to have a majority of my family live in close proximity to me; the farthest being my lita (grandma) in Daly City and the closest being my cousins who live just around the corner from me. Not only does my family live in close proximity to me, but so does my best friend. As a matter of fact, she’s my neighbor! We met at Head Start, our preschool, and have been friends ever since! Who else is fortunate enough to say that their neighbor is their best friend? Cause let me tell you, that shit is awesome. For instance, when I want to “escape” my household all I need to do is walk across the street!
Another aspect that I love about South City is that I consider it to be a primarily working class community. I feel like most of us who live in South City struggle everyday to make ends meet; nonetheless, we are willing to lend a hand to those in need. Thus, I feel like South City truly is one large community … we even have our own lingo. For example, if you’re from SSF you better know what OP stands for … (Orange Park). South City also has the bombest food! For me personally these are some of the best places to get yummy food:
  1. La Tapatia located on Grand Avenue: Their carnitas and frijoles are to die for!!
  2. Little Lucca Sandwich Shop located on El Camino Real: This place is teeny tiny (hence the name), but the sandwiches are not!
  3. Raymond’s Sourdough Bread located on Spruce Avenue: Legit planning to work there over the summer just so I can get free bread. It is that good.
  4. Panaderia Hernandez located on Grand Avenue: “Don’t be self conchas.” Yo, their pan dulce smells like heaven on earth.
Furthermore, I might be a bit biased when I say … Grand Avenue is way better than Burlingame Avenue (or any other downtown for that matter). I mean sure Burlingame Avenue has Tpumps and overpriced restaurants and stores, but what it doesn’t have is Grand Avenue’s authentic restaurants and quality thrift stores. I’m not trying to “diss” Burlingame Avenue, but … I mean … yah … we’re better. Also, Sign Hill “shits on” other city’s scenic view because 1. It is a nice, short hike up 2. If you bring cardboard you can slide down the letters 3. At night, the view is breathtaking. 10/10 I would recommend going up there, it’s a chill environment to go with friends and or a reflective environment when needing some alone time.

I want to end this by saying how blessed I am to have been raised in South City. Not only has it caused me to become “physically and emotionally” closer to my family, but it has also led me to become the hardworking womxn I am today. I am most definitely proud to say I am from South City.

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